Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Classic Corner Episode 10

This week's classic corner features another six tracks from the disco era that are sure to get your toes tapping at the very least.

In The Cart

Ross Couch - About You [Body Rhythm]

"About You" dropped a few weeks ago on Traxsource and I really ought to have penned a few words before now, but better late than never I guess. The "Original Mix" starts off with firm, crisp rhythms before the beautiful soul drenched keyboards come in. It's not too long before the bumpy bassline and sweet female vocals are introduced to deliver a highly alluring experience. It's another impressive outing from the prolific Scotsman who already has another release already on sale. In particular, the keyboard arrangement steals the show with its multiple layers and emotionally charged vibe. The "Deep Mix" is no less impressive, sounding a little dubbier and moodier courtesy of an edgier combination of keys.

Reviewed by Dean Serafini

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Classic Corner Episode 9

Here's another collection of six classic disco and 80s grooves tracks that should need little or no introduction.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

In The Cart

Kai & Kyle ft Selan - The Way It Is [Vega Records]

As someone who's had the original Bruce Hornsby production for many years, I was instantly intrigued to see a new version surface of such a well known song. Cover versions are always a tricky area in that they can attract a lot of attention, not always positive if the new version doesn't sit well with fans of the original. The fact that it's Louie Vega's label putting this out should have been a fairly good indicator of the quality but even then there was still a nagging doubt until I heard the first few bars. There are a total of six mixes in the package, four from Louie Vega and two more from Kai & Kyle. Louie's versions take the greatest departure from the original composition with a lush arrangement of gentle keys, organs and rhythms that pull you towards the dance floor. Selan's vocals are used sparingly and there are occasional nods to the well known keyboard hook from the 1986 original. Kai & Kyle's Main Mix stays closer to the original concept; you hear the full song, including the full keyboard hook re-played expertly by Selan who is also responsible for the vocals. Naturally the vibe is very different given the difference in tempo and change of genre but I like the way they've managed to capture so much of the essence of a track I used to play so often back in the day. Well worth checking out!

Reviewed by Dean Serafini

Friday, 26 August 2016

In The Cart

Sir Piers - American In Chelsea [SP]

As soon as I heard the vocals I knew I was onto a winner with Sir Piers' latest. Featuring the wonderful and distinctive voice of Monique Bingham this is a mid-tempo soulful groove that will appeal to fans of the classic UK label Acid Jazz. Taken from the forthcoming album "SirVival", it's a teaser for the magic that's no doubt to follow and I'll be keeping my eyes and ears well and truly open for the long player. There are three mixes, the Album Mix is supplemented by another, soulful interpretation by Morten Trust & Mikkel Wendelboe , aka Soulmagic who have added their own keyboard arrangement and one heck of a bassline. The third of the mixes is the more uptempo "Sir Piers Curious Remode" which is a lush soulful house groove with soothing rhodes and keys to augment the sultriest of vocal performances from Monique. Simply amazing!

Reviewed by Dean Serafini

Classic Corner Episode 8

This week's classic corner includes six slightly mellower jams than I've picked out lately. There should be few, if any introductions required as all are stone cold classics. Enjoy!