Tuesday, 12 August 2014

JJazproJect Sessions - Housework 1408 (Part 2)

With A Twist

Taken from their 1983 album Synchronicity, this track reached number one in multiple territories. I honestly never thought a house version of this could work. How wrong I was proved when I heard this stunning remix by NYC producer Scott Wozniak.

Flashback 1997

A track that just oozes soul and emotion featuring some heavenly keyboards and  an outstanding vocal performance from Melonie Daniels. It certainly doesn't feel like 17 years since I took the vinyl home.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Flashback 1990

Released in 1990 and billed as the final joint remix project between Frankie Knuckles  and his Def Mix colleague David Morales this is a track that needs no introduction. As soon as you've heard the first few bars of the keyboards you'll know exactly what you're listening to. A track once voted one of the top 5 dance releases of all time (BBC listeners poll of 2008), "Where Love Lives" is guaranteed to take the roof off .

Monday, 4 August 2014

With A Twist

Released back in 1983 and subsequently sampled several times, notably by D Mob seven years later in 1990, this is one of my favourite O' Jays tracks. The twist on this occasion is a re-edit from Ken Walker aka Ken@Work whose beefed of drums are the main revision in a version that's highly respectful to the original.