Tuesday, 12 August 2014

JJazproJect Sessions - Housework 1408 (Part 2)

With A Twist

Taken from their 1983 album Synchronicity, this track reached number one in multiple territories. I honestly never thought a house version of this could work. How wrong I was proved when I heard this stunning remix by NYC producer Scott Wozniak.

Flashback 1997

A track that just oozes soul and emotion featuring some heavenly keyboards and  an outstanding vocal performance from Melonie Daniels. It certainly doesn't feel like 17 years since I took the vinyl home.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Flashback 1990

Released in 1990 and billed as the final joint remix project between Frankie Knuckles  and his Def Mix colleague David Morales this is a track that needs no introduction. As soon as you've heard the first few bars of the keyboards you'll know exactly what you're listening to. A track once voted one of the top 5 dance releases of all time (BBC listeners poll of 2008), "Where Love Lives" is guaranteed to take the roof off .

Monday, 4 August 2014

With A Twist

Released back in 1983 and subsequently sampled several times, notably by D Mob seven years later in 1990, this is one of my favourite O' Jays tracks. The twist on this occasion is a re-edit from Ken Walker aka Ken@Work whose beefed of drums are the main revision in a version that's highly respectful to the original.

New Track Reviews

Z Factor – Get Into The Music [Z Records]
Some of us are old enough to remember the original release of this track on Hi Bias back in 1990 but in this case I actually think these new versions from Z Factor are an improvement on the original. Dave Lee aka Joey Negro delivers a piano laden ode to the old school Chicago vibe that holds so many fond memories. The vocals are instantly recognisable and the funky bass just rolls along perfectly ensuring you won’t be standing still whenever this is playing. The City Soul Mix has more of a mid 90s feel with the sort of chords that can often provoke those hands in the air moments. Sheer brilliance on both mixes.

Matt Meler ft Erin Marshall  - I Can’t Believe It [Guess Records]

This is one that should hit the spot for anyone who likes the deeper laid back grooves Guess Records have been delivering for many years now. You can expect deep, dubby grooves with melodic gently delivered vocals and atmospheric vibes. In addition to the Original there are remixes from Richard Earnshaw and Husky. I’ve been torn between a couple of the mixes myself with the bounding keys of Husky’s Bobbin’ Head Rub proving especially contagious. On balance though it’s most likely I’ll be hammering Earnshaw’s Deep & Modified Mix; the deeper bassline and haunting synths seem provide the perfect backdrop to the distinctive vocals. Subtle, cleverly constructed house for grown-ups.

Listen and Buy at Traxsource

The Little Big Band – Pressure (Lewis Ferrier Remixes) [One 51 Recordings]

Bearing in mind my fondness for the original of this I was initially a little reluctant to entertain any thoughts of a remix. It didn't take long however to change my mind, actually it only took listening to a few bars. Eight years from its 2006 debut, Lewis Ferrier provides a wicked update of Pressure that’s certain to do get plenty of attention from the soulful heads. The bassline has a slight 80s feel to it but essentially it’s a slice of soulful vocal house with uplifting keys and plenty of vocal talent on show in the shape of Simon Green and Angie Brown.  Truly amazing!

 DJ Vivona ft Miss D – To Another Day (Part 2) [Super Soul Music]

Super Soul’s latest offering finds DJ Vivona delivering another slice of soulful club music. This time around it’s the remixes from DJ Spen & Soulfuledge that immediately stand up and beg to be played over and over again. The rhythms and throbbing bass implore you to dance while the soothing keyboard arrangement and vocals exude passion and emotion in abundance. The package also includes new mixes from DJ Vivona himself which tread a slightly deeper path with a sparse arrangement punctuated by edgy synths. Great work from all involved.